Monthly Archives: February 2012

Watch Like Dandelion Dust

A compelling drama that explores the different meanings of being a parent through the gritty, realistic lives of the struggling, blue-collar Porters, and the privileged Campbell family. Their lives intersect, intertwine and collide, all for the love of a little boy. This film bravely exposes the humanity in each character reminding us that we each have the potential to be the best and worst versions of ourselves at any time.

Watch The Mother of the Poor

The movie is about mother of Abdul Sayed (The mother of the needy). Her father had married her to a man against her will in order to prevent her from being a nun. Her husband physically, verbally and emotionally abused her. Jesus appeared to her and invited her to service then referred her to a house in one of the hamlets to preach . Asking God to rekindle the flames of love in the heart of every true believer, The mother of Abdul Sayed had translated this love to practice and became the mother of the needy.

Watch Another Perfect Stranger

Ten years have passed. Nikki’s daughter Sarah, now 19 and heading West for college, is at her own spiritual crossroads. To make matters worse, her mother has recently revealed that, nearly a decade ago, she was the dinner guest of the Almighty himself. Thinking her mom is certifiably insane, Sarah strikes up an unlikely friendship with a travel companion who shares her disdain for religion.